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Representative Director, President: Mitsuhiko Iino

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TOYO DRILUBE CO., LTD. was established as a company handling solid film lubricants in 1962. We are unique in this field, performing all processes integrally, from research and development to manufacturing, film coating and sales of DRILUBE® products.

DRILUBE® products are used in running gear or power-train components that are incapable of applying such liquid lubricants as oil and grease for reducing energy transmission losses generated by friction. DRILUBE® products, in addition to their lubrication feature, have many other properties such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation and non-adhesion. Today, our products are being used in a wide range of applications, from automotive equipment, electric home appliance, and optical equipment industries, to advanced technology fields.

Environment preservation and energy conservation have currently become global problems. Our development goal is to greatly reduce energy losses of various types of equipment developed by mankind, while enhancing their function. Our mission is to support people’s safety and enrich their lives through comprehensive study and application of solid film technologies.

We will greatly appreciate your continuing support into the future.