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DLC Coating(Diamond-Like-Carbon)

What is DLC Coating?

A DLC coating is a treatment to apply an amorphous hard carbon film that has intermediate physical properties between diamond and graphite to the surfaces of various kinds base materials. The DLC coating film has the following features: high hardness, surface smoothness, affinity, and infrared ray transmissivity. We adopt chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to create the coating film with a low frictional property.

Appearance of DLC

DLC Coating 's characteristics


DLC Coating's technical data

Item Detail
Coating method CVD method
Hardness About 2200HK
Surface roughness※1 Ra:About 0.02μm
Frictional coefficient 0.1~0.2
Film thickness About 6μm(DLC layer about 3μm)
Color tone Grey~Black
Cure temperature 150~200℃
Characteristics Our DLC coating film has excellent smoothness and a low frictional property. The film is highly durable and protects slide members from abrasion caused by sliding. The DLC film exhibits stable sliding properties not only dry conditions but also wet conditions in which oil or water exists. In addition to standard metal parts, the DLC film has been used for metal parts made of a thin plate and silicon rubber parts.
Sectional view of DLC
Sectional view of DLC

Appearance of DLC for silicone rubber
Appearance of DLC
for silicone rubber

AFM(area 20μm)

※1 Ra (surface roughness) described in the table refers a measured value after applying CDV coating to a base material with surface roughness of 0.02 μm. (The roughness did not change before and after the coating.)

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