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DRILUBE® products containing graphite

DRILUBE® products containing graphite
The atomic symbol for carbon is C, of which graphite and diamond are allotropes.
The hexagonal crystalline structure of graphite is formed by carbon atoms at a distance of 1.421Å from each other. Hexagonal crystals are layered consecutively and very regularly at a distance of 3.364Å.
A covalent bond demonstrates rigid bonding power against stress toward the horizontal axis of this layer. Electron bonding, on the other hand, is weak against stress toward the vertical axis of this layer, so shearing occurs easily between layers, greatly reducing friction. Graphite is chemically stable, nontoxic and resistant to corrosion by most organic solvents and chemicals. It also demonstrates excellent heat resistance and electrical conductive properties.
DRILUBE® products containing graphite are suitable for lubrication under heatproof and electro-conductive conditions. As products with excellent abrasion-resistance properties, they can be applied under various sliding conditions.

Application classified by industry

Product name M-1 FB-9140 FC-6240GC-7440 S-6100 S-6120
Color tone Black Black BlackAsh Black BlackBlack
Coating method SpraySpraySpray Spray Spray Spray
Cure temperature 180℃ 190℃230℃280℃ 230~350℃ 230~350℃
time 40min.40min.40min. 40min. 40min. 40min.
Film thickness 3~10µm 5~15µm10~20µm10~20µm 5~15µm 5~15µm
Abrasion resistance
Corrosion resistance
Heat resistance

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